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Sarco Suicide bag

Sarco is a 3D printed euthanasia device, which was invented in 2017 by Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke. Its activation method is "the passenger presses the button, the cabin will be filled with nitrogen. He or she will feel a little dizzy, but then will quickly lose consciousness and die."

Sarco is an extension device for Suicide bag (it can be regarded as a plastic bag). Many people will not use Suicide bag for aesthetic reasons, and it is also very easy to cause claustrophobia.

Ideally, access to Sarco will be controlled through an online psychological test, and if applicants pass, they will receive an access code for a 24-hour Sarco device. The user can freely choose a fully dark or transparent shell. What scenery you will see before you die is definitely an important option. Sarco has passed the Swiss legal review.

Rebag : we found this is interesting innovition, it's a bag decide people life, but hope that people will lives better and more use our cool backpacks, makeup bags or diaper bags than suicide bag. 




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