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IKEA announced that before year 2028, the plastic packaging will be completely disused

IKEA announced that before year 2028,  the plastic packaging will be completely disused by them, but it not easy.

Besides cost,  it will related food safety and the limitation of new material’s extensive application.


23rd Noven, IKEA announced that they will completely abandon all the plastic packaging.


Regarding the exact schedule, IKEA prepared that all the products will used non-plastic packing before 2025, (except food range, in order to make sure food safety and avoid the waste of food. This policy will run as a transitionary way until 2028.


Actully, IKEA is a brand that leading the way to the new material and environment protection. It very much depends on the founder Ingvar Kamprad’s conception,  who prefer to a simply and green life style, also it’s the same aim with rebag factory, recommend the customers to use recycled PET bag, and biodegradable cotton materials, for shopping or daily purpose. For example, IKEA’s plat packing has reduce the cost of company, but from another point, it do helpful to reduce the energy conversation.


But IKEA also have to admit that they still in using of plenty of materials which not eco-friendly. Like the LED lightings which started to be sold by IKEA, it was packed by one time use plastic packaging, not only will get more pollution, it will be hardly to be opened and get injured for hand. Now, IKEA changed this method by paper box, and it’s the same like many other items.


The manager of packing develop from IKEA said: plastic packaging truly helped us save money, but we are going farer with the aim of sustainable development.

Every year,  there will be 920000 tons of packing material, and cost exceed 10 billions EUR, most of them are paper materials, and about 10 percent is plastic, IKEA hope to solve this 10%。


Maja Kjellberg expressed, paper certainly is a good recycled material, but in the meantime we still hope to use more other choices of packing ways.


 Such as in 2016, IKEA was planned to use mush or fungus as the material instead of polystyrene ( a kind of plastic usually applied in cups and dinner box). The former one can be cultivated by agriculture way, and it could be 100% nature biodegradable in the earth in a couple of weeks, exactly like the cotton shopping promotional bags from rebag factory. But PP (polystyrene) need thousands of years.


This plan is not have the substantial progress due to it too much demanded, far away from the support that all the supplier could meet, it properly easier for a newly launched company. So far, IKEA mainly process the new material development by them own.


ISTAD series sealed bag is made by sugar cane , it possible to be a way to replace the traditional plastic direction.  ( why they did not considerate cotton or jute material like the bags made from rebag factory? )

Food plastic packing is a gap that could be hardly avoid, Maja Kjellberg said, compare with paper packing reduce the food shelf life to make more waste,  plastic instead is the substantial way at this moment, but when we have to use them, it will be better that it could be recyclable. ( it the same idea like our recycled pet shopping promotional bags)




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