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What are the most popular bag material in 2023?

 when we want to make bags OEM or ODM, we need to decide which material will be good for our brand or marketings. Sometimes, the bag material is also like the fashion garment, in this year we have one kind of material very popular, and after a while, some other kinds of material become welcome. So, how do we make a right material choice to customize a bag? or if there are some most pouplar bag materials? As a professional bag manufacturer , Rebag factory have some ideas to listing 10 of the most popular luggage fabric types in Chinese translated into English, along with some examples:

  1. 尼龙 (nílóng) - Nylon: backpacks, duffel bags, luggage

2. 帆布 (fān bù) - Canvas: tote bags, messenger bags, backpacks

3. 聚酯纤维 (jùzhì xiānwéi) - Polyester: travel bags, suitcases, backpacks

4. 牛津布 (niújīn bù) - Oxford Cloth: laptop bags, backpacks, briefcases

5. 皮革 (pígé) - Leather: messenger bags, briefcases, luggage

6. PVC (PVC) - PVC: luggage, backpacks, travel bags

7. PC (PC) - Polycarbonate: suitcases, carry-on luggage, travel bags

8. ABS (ABS) - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: luggage, carry-on bags, travel bags

9. 人造革 (rénzào gé) - Artificial Leather: backpacks, tote bags, luggage

10. 羊毛呢 (yángmáoní) - Wool: travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags.

In case of any material option will be interested for your idea, please just feel free let us know! Rebag team will be your reliable partner to be trusted. 



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