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TOP 10 countries who import bag& luggages in the world

Do you know who is the largest amount that import the bags and luggage in the world? In this article, we will list the top 10 countries which use the most of bags and luggages each year, so that you could know where the bags been used for your items, and will be easier for your aim market and customers anylysis. 

The top ten countries with the highest import of luggage and bags products in the world are:

  1. United States - As the world's largest economy and consumer market, the U.S. imports a vast range of luggage and bags products from all over the world.

2. United Kingdom - The UK has a strong fashion industry and is home to many luxury brands, which drives the demand for high-end luggage and bags products.

3. Germany - Germany is known for its quality manufacturing and precision engineering, which extends to the luggage and bags products it imports.

4. France - France is renowned for its fashion and luxury goods industry, including high-end luggage and bags products.

5. Japan - Japan has a strong culture of travel and tourism, which has contributed to its high demand for all types of luggage and bags products.

6. Canada - Canada's robust economy and high standard of living have resulted in a strong demand for luggage and bags products.

7. Italy - Italy is known for its fine leather goods, including luxury luggage and bags products that are sought after worldwide.

8. Netherlands - The Netherlands is a leading trading nation with a strong economy and a high demand for quality luggage and bags products.

9. China - China has a rapidly growing middle class with increasing disposable income, leading to a surging demand for high-end luggage and bags products. But Rebag factory, as a bag manufacturer in China, who can customize the bag and luggage items for all of above countires by their more than 20 years experience in this range. 

10. Spain - Spain has a rich history of leather craftsmanship, which has led to a strong demand for quality luggage and bags products.

Overall, these countries represent a mix of strong economies, fashion and luxury industries, and a culture of travel and tourism that drives the demand for luggage and bags products.



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